Dwell Realty Culture Shoot and Website.

Dwell is a Rochester real estate brokerage dedicated to finding creative solutions for their clients’ home buying or selling needs. They wanted photo and video content that they could use throughout a new website and their existing social media platforms that represented their culture and who they are both as people and as realtors.

Video    |    Photography    |    Social Media    |    Marketing Strategy    |    Website Design

What We Did.

Dwell’s culture videos and photos represent an extremely efficient way to generate a lot of content in three production days. We started with a culture video for Dwell Realty Group; next, with the goal of generating several months of social content, we added production hours, while utilizing the same pre-production concept. 

We also created a website that represented their culture and allowed users to connect to who every realtor was as a person, as well as providing the functionality of buying and selling property for users. 

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How It Succeeded.

Quantitative data like PR impressions
Quantitative data like social media impressions

Quantitative data like amount of leads
Quantitative data like xx% increase in leads year over year

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