Tonna Mechanical Brand Awareness and Promotional Campaigns.

Tonna Mechanical had a busy fall quarter. Their biggest need was finding a way to promote “Cool Cash,” Tonna’s rebate promotion when customers purchase a new furnace. Previously, the promotion had run but wasn’t aggressively marketed, and Tonna had a desire to improve the boost in sales that this promotion brought.

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What We Did.

To spread the word and encourage Rochester customers to purchase a new furnace with Tonna, we pulled out all the stops with a video ad for TV and social media, supplemental social media content, direct mail, and email marketing focused on the idea that the Tonna Bear was shoving people’s money back into their own mailboxes as a way to promote their mail-in rebate. The following year, we were asked to continue in the same vein of our Cool Cash promotion for the spring and fall.

On top of that, we also launched a series of videos featuring Tonna’s spokesman, Tonna Tom. These were meant to showcase company culture and give general brand awareness to the public via social media.

Cool Cash Promotional Campaign.

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Tonna Tom Brand Awareness Campaign.

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How It Succeeded.

Quantitative data like PR impressions
Quantitative data like social media impressions

Quantitative data like amount of leads
Quantitative data like xx% increase in leads year over year

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