Galleria at University Square Social Media Management and Seasonal Lookbook.

Galleria at University Square is a local shopping center in the heart of downtown Rochester, Minnesota. One of their biggest hurdles, especially since the pandemic, was how to entice more people – locals and visitors alike – to come downtown and explore Galleria’s food and shopping options. 

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What We Did.

We partnered with Galleria to boost their current marketing strategy and give their content a facelift, specifically in the areas of their social media content and their seasonal lookbook. They were lacking a unified brand and feel, so we got to work organizing two lifestyle photo shoots of the stores and restaurants within the mall to create a library of content unique to Galleria.

Our next step was sending that content out into the world. With the budget allotted, we were able to set up monthly social media management, as well as redesigning their seasonal lookbook and distributing to local hotels downtown to attract tourists.

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