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30-Second TV Spot: “Premier Program”.

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What We Did.

We’ve been a longtime creative partner with Tonna Mechanical and have created many 30- and 60-second ads for both television and online placement. In the oversaturated marketplace of HVAC and plumbing, our goal for each of these ads was to break through the clutter and get potential customers to remember the name “Tonna Mechanical.”

30-Second TV Spot: “Sauna”.

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60-Second TV Spot: “Winnebago”.

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30-Second Social Ad: “Air Filters Delivered”.

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30-Second Social Ad: “Cold Shower”.

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60-Second Online Scheduler Social Ad: “Coffee In the Car”.

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30-Second Online Scheduler Social Ad: “Itchy Skin”.

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30-Second Online Scheduler Social Ad: “Plumbing”.

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How It Succeeded.

Quantitative data like PR impressions
Quantitative data like social media impressions

Quantitative data like amount of leads
Quantitative data like xx% increase in leads year over year

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