Case Study: Ongoing Brand Management

The Home Collective Ongoing Brand Management. Prior to the Home Collective becoming a single location for any renovation project, it specialized solely in flooring as the Flooring Collective. So when scaling their business, it was also time to incorporate new branding that built upon what was already established while also looking towards the future that […]

Tonna Mechanical Brand Awareness and Promotional Campaigns

Tonna Mechanical Brand Awareness and Promotional Campaigns. Tonna Mechanical had a busy fall quarter. Their biggest need was finding a way to promote “Cool Cash,” Tonna’s rebate promotion when customers purchase a new furnace. Previously, the promotion had run but wasn’t aggressively marketed, and Tonna had a desire to improve the boost in sales that […]

The Home Collective Home for the Holidays Campaign

The Home Collective Home for the Holidays Campaign. The Home Collective has become a well-known home improvement company in the Rochester and SE Minnesota area. Its team, products, and service are synonymous with personability, efficiency, and reliability. To boost their sales before the new year, the Home Collective wanted to run a campaign that encouraged […]

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