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Presenting to Rochester Motor Cars

Hit Agency put this page together based on our discussions on January 6th.  This page is broken into 2 sections. The first is video production and their pricing. The second section highlights a couple recent marketing campaigns and 2 example pricing sheets. The example pricing sheets at the very bottom are for two clients that we discussed in our initial meeting.

Video Productions

Here are some of our videos that we talked about
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Red Wing Shoes - Styling Tips


Educational Story Piece from 2019 Marketing Campaign

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Gwaltney Realty Group


About Video for Broadcast and Social

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Ashley’s Capella FlexPath Journey


Story/Narrative Ad for Capella University

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Next Chapter Ministries


About Video to Raise Awareness for Nonprofit

Video Production Pricing

Let's figure out exactly what kind of video you need for your project.

Good for getting info out quickly with high quality video.
$ 500
  • Minimal pre-production
  • 1 hour shoot
  • 2 hour edit
Plan, then execute.
Quick and simple.
Basic graphics and
light animation.
  • 1 hour pre-production
  • 2 hours on set with 2 crew
  • 3-4 hours in edit and post-production
Let's impress!
Good support and
planning lead to an awesome shoot.
  • 2 hours pre-production
  • 3 hours on set with 2 crew
  • 5-10 hours in edit and post-production
Strong message and more development. Additional filming to show more of your story.
  • 4 hours pre-production
  • 4 hours on set with 3 crew
  • 16 hours in edit and post-production
A location shoot with multiple interviews and wide variety of shots. More edit time and animation.
  • 8 hours pre-production
  • 8 hours on set with 4 crew
  • 32 hours in edit and post-production


We can go beyond video content to support all of your marketing needs.

Tonna Mechanical

Q3 Marketing Materials

Tonna Mechanical had a busy Q3 in 2020. The biggest need was finding a way to promote “Cool Cash,” Tonna’s rebate promotion when customers purchase a new furnace. We pulled out all the stops with a 4-star video ad, supplemental social media content, direct mail, and email marketing. 

On top of that, we also launched a series of videos featuring Tonna spokesman, Tonna Tom. Not to mention their usual email marketing, social media management, and motion graphic animations.

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Cool Cash Scandal


How do you creatively market a rebate promotion around new furnaces and A/C? Our answer was the Cool Cash Scandal. Making HVAC exciting and interesting to customers isn’t easy, but with this irreverent ad campaign, Tonna was able to reach new customers and were nearly overwhelmed with job requests.

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The Adventures of Tonna Tom


What started as a simple 2-star shoot to give customers a look at operations inside Tonna, turned into something much more. In 2 hours on site we came away with enough content for 8 standalone Tonna Tom videos. 

Dwell Realty Group

1 Production Shoot = 6 Months of Social Content

This is an example of an extremely efficient way to generate a lot of content in 3 production days. We started with a 4-star production culture video for Dwell Realty Group. Then, with the goal of generating several months of social content, we added production hours, while utilizing the same pre-production concept.

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Dwell Culture Video

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Videos for Social

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Agent Bio Videos

Campaign Pricing

Sample Cost Sheet for a

National Client

Sample Cost Sheet for a

Local Client

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