"Adventures of Tonna Tom" Social Media Series.

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Episode 1: Behind the Scenes at Tonna.

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What We Did.

Tonna didn’t know how to reach their audience on social media and make HVAC systems engaging, so they partnered with us to come up with something out-of-the-box.

Tonna’s goal was general brand awareness that would drive organic reach on their platforms, so we created the social media series, “The Adventures of Tonna Tom.” It revolved around the shenanigans of the titular “Tonna Tom,” an employee who’s just a little too enthusiastic about where he works.

Episode 2: Where’s the Bear?
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Episode 3: The Messenger.
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Episode 4: Tonna’s French Department.

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Episode 5: Inside the Warehouse.

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Episode 6: Climbing the Corporate Ladder.

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Hostile Takeover of Tonna Mechanical.

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Waking Up at Tonna.

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How It Succeeded.

Quantitative data like PR impressions
Quantitative data like social media impressions

Quantitative data like amount of leads
Quantitative data like xx% increase in leads year over year

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