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30-second TV and social media ad: “No Furniture Needed”.

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What We Did.

As a local business, it can be hard to stand out from the competitors. To help them stand out from the rest, we’ve been working with the Home Collective, a local home improvement company, for many years to create engaging and unique advertising and social content. Our objective in their marketing is to promote products and/or services that other companies in the area also offer in a way that captures the Home Collective’s down-to-earth, “doesn’t take themselves too seriously” kind of culture. 

All of these ads ran either on TV, Hulu, or on social media with the goal of driving action to specific offers.

30-second TV, Hulu, and social media ad: “Dirty Socks”.

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Social media reels.

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Social reel: “Bring All Your Problems to Us: Rabbit”.

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Social reel: “Puppy-Proof Flooring”.

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Social reel: “Bring All Your Problems to Us: Hair”.

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